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What Makes a Character Compelling? In a Nutshell…   1 comment

Tama Characters

Someone once told me that a good way to get inside a character‘s mind was to put on a hat that “they” would wear. This simple act would help me create more believable and compelling fiction. So, once you have donned your “character’s hat”,  answer the following questions to help round out their personalities.

If you need more help, read Orson Scott Card‘s helpful manual, published by Writer’s Digest Books and listed in the Reference section of this blog. You can also visit the suggested websites listed in Additional Reading.

A Character is what they do, so…

1. What is their Motivation.Why does he or she do what they do?

2. What happened in their Past to make them who they are today?

3. What do the other characters think of them; what is their Reputation?

4. Do they fit a Stereotype?

5.What are their Habits?

6. What are their special Talents and Abilities?

7. What are their Tastes and Preferences?

8. What is their Body Type: Are they powerful or weak? Do they have a disability? Does society consider them ugly, beautiful or ordinary?

9. Are they a Hero, Victim or Bully?


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Characters and their Viewpoints by Orson Scott Card

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How to Write Great Flash Fiction. In a Nutshell…   4 comments

Write a story

“Write a Story”                                          Image by via Flickr

1.Flash Fiction is a story that is between 300 and 1000 words.

2. It takes micro-moments from the larger picture.

3. Sets the story in the first paragraph.

4. Starts in the middle of the action.

5. Keeps description at a minimum.

6. Choose a single powerful image.

7. Keeps the reader guessing until the end.

8. Alludes to a larger known story.

9. Has a twist that packs a punch at the end of the story.

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what happens inside

“What Happens Inside?                      Image by mrsexsmith via Flickr

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