Writing Prompts: Day One   8 comments

I am taking this fantastic college class of creative writing. The last few weeks, our instructor has given us thought-provoking prompts for our weekly writing assignments. I want to share these, one at a time, to give you the same opportunity to create your own creative writing assignment.

First writing prompt.

“Your first person narrator is feeling something intensely such as love-giddiness, grief, lust, disgust. Pick a particular setting and have the character describe what he or see in such a way that we have a feeling for what he or she is feeling. Show the sadness through how the character describes the trees outside the window. Use your character’s word choices, perceptions,, selection of details commentary or voice.” Dr. Greg Oaks

Have fun and share your results with us if you choice to do so.


8 responses to “Writing Prompts: Day One

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  2. Ledia, I am inspired to try this. I’m going to follow this writing prompts series and try to use the prompts to improve my techniques as well. Thanks for posting them.

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