Writing Prompt: Day Six   1 comment

What may be called wood collage is the dominan...
Wood Collage

Collage: Write What You See

Study the collage on this page. Relax and focus so that you take in the colors as well as the composition. Now write whatever comes to mind. Don’t stop to think or edit. Try to fill at least one double-spaced page before you stop. Keep writing past one page if the urge to do so is there.

Now put the page away. Don’t look at it for a week. After that, take it out and read it over. See if there is anything that jumps out at you. Anything that you could use to create a character or a story.

You can also do this exercise with other pictures of your choice or sensory objects. Another idea is to go to a place that has an emotional charge for you. Sit, take in the ambiance while you write the same way you did in the above exercise.

This is an excellent way to rid yourself of writer’s block.

As always, I wish you good writing and success.

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