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Legend of the Tengu Prince e-book is available for 0.99 at Smashwords ( until May 15, 2012! (Regular price is $4.99.) Use this coupon code UT96N to obtain the special price.

Legend of the Tengu Prince — Also Available in paperback at!


Fantasy Action Adventure set in feudal Japan.

During a time of civil war, Karasu Hinata is born the son of a powerful warlord. When he is still a child, his family castle is taken by a rival clan. His father and mother are murdered right before his eyes.

Barely escaping with his life, he is spirited away by the king of the tengu. The shape-shifting raven leads him to the hidden mountain retreat of a sect of mystic warriors. Mountain priests who practice the magic of Shugendo.

Ten years have passed. The time has come for Karasu to leave the mystic’s protective lair and face his demons in the world beyond. But the fiend that haunts his nightmares is also the one that shattered his life. More than a bad dream, it wants him dead.

In Legend of the Tengu Prince, nothing is as it seems. Shape-shifting creatures, both good and evil, populate the magical world of feudal Japan. And a young man will pay the ultimate price for a deadly rival spawned in the mists time. This riveting first volume of a epic fantasy adventure will leave you stunned and begging for more.

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This tip is for after you have written your masterpiece…

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

Kathryn Jones contacted SPALs with an article about marketing on a budget. Since we believe in the freedom of each author to make their own decisions, we decided to post this guest post for those that may be interested. Please be aware that by posting this, we are in no way endorsing or ensuring the effectiveness of the process presented below.


Whether your book is not quite finished or has just begun to see the light of day, you’ve probably been thinking about marketing. Whether you’ve been published with a national publisher or have decided to go the road alone, you know that in order to sell your book you’ll have to tell others about it.

In a recent Verso survey it was estimated that 49.2% of people discover books from personal recommendations and only 11.8% of books are discovered from social networks. Does that mean that you should eliminate social networking…

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I liked this post so much, I wanted to share it with you!

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

A few days ago I wrote a post that talked about using a real place in your fiction. Today I want to talk about creating a fictional setting for your fiction. The good thing about creating a fictional place is that anything can happen in that world. The bad thing is that some authors think they don’t have to follow the rules because their world is not real.

You have to follow some rules though. Yeah, I know. You create this world from your imagination and it’s not real, so why should you have to limit it. One simple reason: Readers have to believe in your world and accept what is happening to your characters.

Just as I mentioned in Ever Want to Use a Real Place in Your Fiction and Get Away with it? readers may be willing to suspend belief, but they also have certain expectations, and while…

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The Writer's Daybook

I am still on a mission to improve my writing.  This past weekend I attended a writing workshop at the Writers’ Workshoppe in Port Townsend, Washington.  First–the shop itself.  If you have missed this shop, you have missed a real jewel.  It is a place for writers–would-be-writers, wan-a-be-writers or whatever it is you call yourself.  It has something for you no matter what level of writing you have achieved. It has the best books for improving your craft.  It has space to write.  It is comfortable and friendly.  It hosts lots of writing workshops.   For more information check out their website at

The workshop I attended was Write Award Winning Fiction with Terry Persun and Susan Wingate.  These two have very different writing styles, therefore they give you options.  We learned to structure a novel using Wingate’s very structured method and using Persun’s more organic method.  We were introduced to…

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Writers Write Daily

When I studied writing, the professor went on and on about how everything you write should have a purpose. I yawned. Well, of course. She went on about how your writing should do one of these things:focus

  1. advance the plot
  2. develop characterization
  3. supply needed information
  4. set the mood

I wrote those down and looked out the window. The campus was alive with a beautiful spring evening.

The professor went on, “If the phrase, the sentence, the paragraph, the chapter does not do one of these four things, it doesn’t belong.  Throw it out.  When making a dress, you would not sew in a piece of cloth just because you liked its color.  When you rebuild an engine, you would not insert a piece of metal, just because it was shiny.”

Naturally, I thought.

My buddy next to me gave me a poke and looked at his watch. We were ten…

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How to Write a Novel: The Snowflake Method by Randy Ingermanson   Leave a comment

This is a fantastic site for those looking for a method to help them write better fiction. How to Write a Novel: The Snowflake Method

Randy’s book, Writing Fiction for Dummies

I also subscribe to his monthly e-zine

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