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When I studied writing, the professor went on and on about how everything you write should have a purpose. I yawned. Well, of course. She went on about how your writing should do one of these things:focus

  1. advance the plot
  2. develop characterization
  3. supply needed information
  4. set the mood

I wrote those down and looked out the window. The campus was alive with a beautiful spring evening.

The professor went on, “If the phrase, the sentence, the paragraph, the chapter does not do one of these four things, it doesn’t belong.  Throw it out.  When making a dress, you would not sew in a piece of cloth just because you liked its color.  When you rebuild an engine, you would not insert a piece of metal, just because it was shiny.”

Naturally, I thought.

My buddy next to me gave me a poke and looked at his watch. We were ten…

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