This tip is for after you have written your masterpiece…

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

Kathryn Jones contacted SPALs with an article about marketing on a budget. Since we believe in the freedom of each author to make their own decisions, we decided to post this guest post for those that may be interested. Please be aware that by posting this, we are in no way endorsing or ensuring the effectiveness of the process presented below.


Whether your book is not quite finished or has just begun to see the light of day, you’ve probably been thinking about marketing. Whether you’ve been published with a national publisher or have decided to go the road alone, you know that in order to sell your book you’ll have to tell others about it.

In a recent Verso survey it was estimated that 49.2% of people discover books from personal recommendations and only 11.8% of books are discovered from social networks. Does that mean that you should eliminate social networking…

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  1. Very useful tips. Thanks for sharing

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