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Writing and Illustrating


by Susan Brody

The most important thing to remember in writing a query letter is to make a great first impression.  The tone should be polite, friendly, and humble, but not self-deprecating.  Whether or not you have been published, you must think of yourself as already being a professional; when you present yourself that way, it becomes who you are.  Believe that your work is worthy of you, and worthy of an audience.  “A good manuscript has a home.”

Be honest.  Strike a balance between gushing (“I love everything you’ve ever done”) and distancing (“To Whom It May Concern”).   Both are equally off-putting.

The purpose of a query letter is to whet the reader’s appetite, not to reveal all.  The letter should not exceed one page.  It must succinctly give a sense of what the book is about.  Begin…

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