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Stephannie Beman

Most people see a dandelion growing in their lawn, garden, or flower beds and immediately think weed. They are the bane of most people’s carefully manicured yards. And they are dealt with harshly; usually with a bottle of chemical weed killer or a weed digger.

But let me tell you a secret: Dandelions are amazing plants.

Yes, you heard me right. Whatever god thought them up should be congratulated. Why you ask? Because Dandelions have some really cool properties, of course.

The leaves can be eaten in salad to help with digestion, lower blood pressure, and improve the enamel of your teeth. The white fluid from the stems applied to warts, acne, or blisters for 2-3 days will dry them up. I’m partial to the roots. Dig it up. Dry it out. Grind it up. And brew it like tea and you have a lovely coffee substitute.

But it doesn’t…

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