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Limebird Writers

Do you ever sit down in front of a blank page, after finally finishing all of your procrastination, and then just find yourself staring at the blank page with no idea of what to write or where to start?

There’s a brilliant exercise that I read a few years ago, in an incredibly good and depressingly short lived writing magazine, that was all about how to choose your first word when you’re having trouble finding one. It’s quick, as the name suggests. It’s fairly simple, and all you need is a book within easy reach. So I thought I’d share it with you.

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Mall Daze - #31

Mall Daze - #31 (Photo credit: Patrick DB)

Rid yourself of writer’s block. Take the challenge.

Characters in Conflict

Two characters in conflict over the setting, place them indoors or outdoors, public or private, where one character wants to go and the other one wants to stay. Make sue to include dialogue and details of setting. Use small paragraphs and have a new paragraph each time there is a new speaker. (Dr. Greg Oaks)

Good writing to all who choose to take the challenge!

How to Write Great Flash Fiction. In a Nutshell…   4 comments

Write a story

“Write a Story”                                          Image by via Flickr

1.Flash Fiction is a story that is between 300 and 1000 words.

2. It takes micro-moments from the larger picture.

3. Sets the story in the first paragraph.

4. Starts in the middle of the action.

5. Keeps description at a minimum.

6. Choose a single powerful image.

7. Keeps the reader guessing until the end.

8. Alludes to a larger known story.

9. Has a twist that packs a punch at the end of the story.

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