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The Writing Prompt Boot Camp (from Writer’s Digest)   1 comment

The Writing Prompt Boot Camp

In this free online download, you get two weeks worth of top-notch writing prompts designed to spark your mind and help you flex your creative muscles. From fiction prompts to poem starters to short stories ideas, you’ll be able to generate creative story ideas based on a sentence or two of direction.
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Dialogue Exercise: Eavesdropping   2 comments

Privately-owned Public Space Potluck 3

Go to a public place where you can overhear people’s conversations. Listen for strange suggestive sentences that seem to rely on the surrounding circumstances for their full meaning and then take then out of context or not. (Dr. Greg Oaks)

Hope you come up with some great dialogue and have fun while you learn!

Writing Prompt: Day Six   1 comment

What may be called wood collage is the dominan...
Wood Collage

Collage: Write What You See

Study the collage on this page. Relax and focus so that you take in the colors as well as the composition. Now write whatever comes to mind. Don’t stop to think or edit. Try to fill at least one double-spaced page before you stop. Keep writing past one page if the urge to do so is there.

Now put the page away. Don’t look at it for a week. After that, take it out and read it over. See if there is anything that jumps out at you. Anything that you could use to create a character or a story.

You can also do this exercise with other pictures of your choice or sensory objects. Another idea is to go to a place that has an emotional charge for you. Sit, take in the ambiance while you write the same way you did in the above exercise.

This is an excellent way to rid yourself of writer’s block.

As always, I wish you good writing and success.

Writing Prompts: Day Five   Leave a comment

English: City walls in Dubrovnik Česky: Mětskě...

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Obstructions vs Wants

Write a scene where one character wants something and have another character represent the obstruction to that want. Make the want anything, examples of which might include love, a penny, a sister, a shirt , a job, sex, marriage, financial success, a spoon. You can try to resolve the scene or leave it unresolved so you can add to it later. Be overt about the need or be subtle about it. Make sure you use visual and sense-based details, including dialogue to reveal the conflict. (Dr. Greg Oaks)

Good writing and have fun while you learn!

Writing Prompts: Day Four   Leave a comment

Mall Daze - #31

Mall Daze - #31 (Photo credit: Patrick DB)

Rid yourself of writer’s block. Take the challenge.

Characters in Conflict

Two characters in conflict over the setting, place them indoors or outdoors, public or private, where one character wants to go and the other one wants to stay. Make sue to include dialogue and details of setting. Use small paragraphs and have a new paragraph each time there is a new speaker. (Dr. Greg Oaks)

Good writing to all who choose to take the challenge!

Writing Prompts: Day Three   1 comment


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 Conflict with a Familiar

Write a first person scene where one character has a disagreement with a very close friend. The dialogue will be leaner and the characters will know how to read each other’s gestures and codes. The disagreement itself might be subtle and not directly stated. Make sure to include setting and character gestures. (Dr. Greg Oaks)

Good writing to all who chose to take the challenge!

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