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The Writing Prompt Boot Camp (from Writer’s Digest)   1 comment

The Writing Prompt Boot Camp

In this free online download, you get two weeks worth of top-notch writing prompts designed to spark your mind and help you flex your creative muscles. From fiction prompts to poem starters to short stories ideas, you’ll be able to generate creative story ideas based on a sentence or two of direction.
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Writing Advice: the Good, the Bad and the Useful!   4 comments

Line art representation of a Quill

Line art representation of a Quill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Writing exercise 3

Writing exercise 3 (Photo credit: aaipodpics)

One thing I hate to see is bad advice given. One particular bit of “bad advice” I keep reading about is, “If you want to become a better writer, all you need to do is write, write, write. The more you write, the better writer you will become.” That is like telling someone who wants to become a carpenter, “All you need to do is grab a hammer and some nails and build, build, build. Then after, hmm let’s say a really long time, maybe you will create something worth sitting on, living in, or whatever.”

I have better advice. “Learn HOW to write first!

  • Take CLASSES on writing
  • READ books on writing and successful authors in the genre(s) that interest you
  •  AND THEN write, write, write, after you have learned how to first

Next on the list is to join a CRITIQUE GROUP, that is if you are REALLY interested in becoming a writer that others want to read!

Writing Prompt: Day Six   1 comment

What may be called wood collage is the dominan...
Wood Collage

Collage: Write What You See

Study the collage on this page. Relax and focus so that you take in the colors as well as the composition. Now write whatever comes to mind. Don’t stop to think or edit. Try to fill at least one double-spaced page before you stop. Keep writing past one page if the urge to do so is there.

Now put the page away. Don’t look at it for a week. After that, take it out and read it over. See if there is anything that jumps out at you. Anything that you could use to create a character or a story.

You can also do this exercise with other pictures of your choice or sensory objects. Another idea is to go to a place that has an emotional charge for you. Sit, take in the ambiance while you write the same way you did in the above exercise.

This is an excellent way to rid yourself of writer’s block.

As always, I wish you good writing and success.

Writing Prompts: Day Two   5 comments

Second writing prompt.

“Parts of Yourself as Different Characters”, pick two contrasting parts of yourself and create two different characters to represent each side and then place those two characters in a particular setting and let them talk.”  Dr. Greg Oaks

Have fun and share your results with us if you choice to do so.

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These thought-provoking writing prompts of Karen’s are well worth the read. Please check them out.
PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL BLOGGER’S POSTS. They were kind enough to let me share this wonderful article with you.

Writing Prompts: Day One   8 comments

I am taking this fantastic college class of creative writing. The last few weeks, our instructor has given us thought-provoking prompts for our weekly writing assignments. I want to share these, one at a time, to give you the same opportunity to create your own creative writing assignment.

First writing prompt.

“Your first person narrator is feeling something intensely such as love-giddiness, grief, lust, disgust. Pick a particular setting and have the character describe what he or see in such a way that we have a feeling for what he or she is feeling. Show the sadness through how the character describes the trees outside the window. Use your character’s word choices, perceptions,, selection of details commentary or voice.” Dr. Greg Oaks

Have fun and share your results with us if you choice to do so.

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