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CHARACTER ANALYSIS SHEET (From Art of Storytelling)   3 comments


Art of Storytelling©

Develop your character, whether for novels, short stories or memoir, by filling in all the information you can below. Then write a few paragraphs on a separate sheet of paper about this character. Now, watch how much easier it is to develop this character within the novel. Name: Age: Sex: Place of birth: Physical appearance: How does this character feel about the way he or she looks? Describe the character’s childhood in terms of: relationship to parents relationship to siblings relationship to other key people in his or her youth lifestyle while growing up education childhood activities (hobbies, interests) location (s) where he, or she grew up. Describe the character’s education during and after secondary school, as well as any military service. Describe the character’s current relationship to: Parents Siblings Other key people from his or her youth Describe the character’s romantic life (Married, involved?) and any relevant background (e.g., previously married, affairs). Describe the character’s sex life and moral beliefs. Does the character have kids? If so, describe his or her attitude toward children. What is the character’s religious background and current religious belief? What is the character’s occupation? Describe the character’s relationship to his or her boss and co-workers. How does the character feel about his or her job? What are the character’s hobbies and non-work activities? Describe the character’s philosophy of life. Describe the character’s political views. Sum up the main aspect of the character’s personality, including whether he or she is optimistic or pessimistic, an introvert or extrovert, and so forth. What is this character proud of? What is this character ashamed of? Describe the state of the character’s health. How intelligent is the character? What is their greatest strength? What is their fatal flaw? From the “Art of Storytelling” ©

The Writing Prompt Boot Camp (from Writer’s Digest)   1 comment

The Writing Prompt Boot Camp

In this free online download, you get two weeks worth of top-notch writing prompts designed to spark your mind and help you flex your creative muscles. From fiction prompts to poem starters to short stories ideas, you’ll be able to generate creative story ideas based on a sentence or two of direction.
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